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No Dolphin Cruelty in Da Nang, Vietnam!
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No Dolphin Cruelty in Da Nang, Vietnam!
Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng, VN

Da Nang, Vietnam represents itself as a growing, modern city in Southeast Asia. Yet, much to the extreme disappointment of animal advocates around the world, Da Nang officials recently approved a “Dolphin Entertainment Center” that is to be built by Petersburg Dolphinarium out of Russia.

CompassionWorks International has joined numerous animal advocacy organizations in an attempt to educate the Da Nang government on the extreme animal cruelty involved in a dolphinarium. We have written their government officials a detailed letter and have requested an in-person meeting to which they have not responded.

We need to be a loud voice on this issue with the Da Nang government, and to let them know that Westerners will not be bringing tourism dollars to a city which supports animal abuse. Da Nang is a growing, friendly, and beautiful city where CWI Executive Director Carrie LeBlanc has been residing for the last 5 weeks. It is clear to CWI and other likeminded groups that the addition of a dolphinarium to Da Nang is a very large step in the wrong direction.

Please share this petition widely, while we still have a chance to put at STOP to the atrocities taking place in Taiji by preventing the construction of yet another dolphinarium. Da Nang, which is in central Vietnam, lacks even the basic veterinary skills to care for domestic animals. How will they care for the complex needs of a dolphin? Please sign TODAY and make your voice heard!

Tháng Mười Một 6, 2016
Thư gửi đến
Da Nang People's Committee
Da Nang Department of Planning and Investment
Da Nang Investment Promotion Centre
I was very upset and disappointed to learn of the possible construction of a dolphinarium in Da Nang, a city which is represented by a statue of Quan Am, the goddess of mercy.<br/><br/>Because I am committed to showing mercy and compassion toward all beings, I oppose the captivity of marine mammals and will refuse to bring my tourism dollars to Da Nang if a dolphinarium is to be built there. <br/><br/>I hope that you will reconsider this terrible facility which supports only animal cruelty, not entertainment or education. Until which time Da Nang changes its position, I will be sharing Da Nang's support of animal cruelty with my friends and family and will encourage them not to visit. I hope to learn that you have chosen a different path in the very near future, which is better suited to a city represented by a statue that expresses compassion. Compassion should be extended to all beings, not just some.

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